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Advanced Pronunciation/Grammar for International Executives, Scientists, and Engineers

Marlene Schoenberg, Ed.M. ccc/slp, will provide you with the dynamic coaching and tools you need to add impact your speaking skills, improve accurate English pronunciation and refine high-level grammar skills. Several packages to suit your needs include: a series of 20 weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions (face to face or through Skype or Face Time), or a two-day seminar with distance learning follow up.

Learn to understand and use a variety of business idioms. Beginning with an interview with the accent expert, a customized program will be created, with a plan for self- improvement in articulation (speech sounds), intonation and stress patterns in phrases and long words related to your work.

You will gain an understanding of the American cultural voice patterns and how the sound system of your native language may influence your American English pronunciation. By understanding speech sound positions and transitions, you will learn a consistent phonetic approach to pronunciation. With these skills, you can resolve many of the confusing differences between written and spoken professional English expressions. This accent modification program will serve you well in global business situations. Audio and video feedback, as well as guided consultation, will to help you move forward in your business goals and prepare you for your next promotion. There will also be opportunities for a customized follow up program.

CEOs and VPs have benefited from this coaching. It has helped them reach important milestones in their careers.

International directors, managers and supervisors in finance, IT, engineering and marketing from major corporations have commented:

“At the board of directors’ meeting, more than on person came over and said, ‘You sound great!’ “

“This is just what I was looking for!”

“I really benefited from this program and learned things I didn’t know by studying on my own.”

“This helped me move to the next level!”

“I have so much more confidence now!”

“Now I know what to focus on to improve my communication skills.”

“This was more relevant to my needs as an international speaker then a general presentation course would be.”

“My job demands a high level of excellence in everything I do and I wanted my speaking skills to match.”

Intensive Two -Day Executive Seminar plus Follow Up

In this engaging program, executives and key employees are flown to the Twin Cities for an intensive two day Advanced Pronunciation/Grammar consultation. Some companies choose to fly the consultant to corporate headquarters in other states.

The program begins with an assessment, and then a customized plan is developed. An intensive program is practiced face-to-face with audio and video feedback. There is a distance learning component over a three to six month period. At that point, a follow-up visit is scheduled at the client’s company office for an additional one day seminar. The client is re-evaluated to demonstrate progress. Additional recommendations are made at that time to make the practice relevant to current work interactions.


Just In Time Presentation Training

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When international scientists, executives or engineers are preparing major presentations, the speech consultant can work with them intensively in the period preceding the presentation to insure clarity to the listeners. This can take place in Minneapolis, at the conference site or at the client’s company site. This can be offered in a Skype or Face Time format. Customized packages can be arranged.

Assertiveness for Career Impact

Assertive communication behaviors are different in different cultures and ethnic groups. How do you translate your ambitions into positive work behaviors? How do others in your group perceive you? Where do you place yourself on the assertiveness continuum? Which situations demand more assertiveness and which do not? You will learn how your behavior impacts others. You will learn how to make and prioritize requests to increase your personal power.

VoChin-Bl Ladiessmall72ice improvement strategies such as increasing volume, and  using more powerful intonation will be practiced. Strong , dynamic non-verbal actions will be modeled. The instructor will address reading the subtle verbal and non-verbal cues of your listener. You will learn how to stand your ground positively in conflict situations. You can gain confidence in communicating with higher level executives and maintain your dignity. Format can be chosen from a 2 two-day seminar, twelve 1.5 hour classes or individual coaching

Home Accent Team – Executive Spouse-Couples’ Communication Program

Coaching sessions are provided in the comfort of your home with a combination of group and individual lessons.

This unique communication training model begins with an assessment of the international spouses’ English speech and language skills. In some cases, training is provided for the American born spouse to facilitate more precise speech practice at home.

There may be a variety of language levels and coaching motivation which determine the training match for each couple. English language/professional levels may be the same, different or supportive.  Practicing meaningful interactions with significant others enhance home carryover.


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