Clear writing that matches your expertise!

1. Enhance Your Verbal Grammar Series

This coaching series is designed for native-born Americans who grew up in rural areas or inner-city neighborhoods and want their speech to reflect their current technical knowledge. The sessions will help prepare participants for their next job promotion. Through a social and creative music approach as well as intensive patterned grammar practice, clients can transform old grammar habits into confident Career Speech. Practicing standard grammar patterns in a supportive environment with an experienced instructor can help your verbal skills match your career goals.  Formats can be: individual sessions, face to face or through Online Learning.




2. Awesome  e-mail Grammar Skills

Some international executives can speak well but struggle with clarity in e-mail. Written patterns often reflect native language structures. Texting creates shortcuts that are not appropriate in more formal writing.
Beginning with an analysis of the kinds of e-mail a client sends and receives, as well as an assessment of written grammar patterns, the consultant designs a customized e-mail program for each client. This takes place in the distance learning format. We can create customized packages.



3. Vocabulary and Word Finding Skill Building   

 Many advanced professionals can easily discuss their work but may not be familiar with basic conversational vocabulary that comes naturally from growing up with American English language/culture.Often,  professionals want to increase their vocabulary to prepare for GRE’s, GMAT or the TOEFL test to enter a university program. We will discuss how vocabulary and fluency relate to each other. Individualized formats are available.



4. Back to The Sixties- Find that Word! – Coaching

Word finding skills also become important as baby boomers stay in the work force longer and need to maintain their sharpness, retention speed and accuracy for names of people and places. Understand natural brain changes and plan to work around them. Learn how to trap those elusive butterflies and make them fly in formation!

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