Accent Wisdom for Listeners


        Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

1. Accent Wisdom for Listeners   3 hours/ half-day workshop
In this workshop, participants learn to listen through a different cultural voice to decode articulation, intonation, and grammar patterns of speakers from Latin America, Russia, Somalia, and  China and Southeast Asia. Through lecture, discussions, small group activities and videos, audience members learn to explore and use new listening patterns.
Participants’ comments:
“This was the best workshop our department ever had!”
” The class was good. I would certainly recommend it.”
” I enjoyed the way this seminar focused on how certain cultures pronounce difference sounds. ”
” I’ve learned not to be afraid to ask for repetition or more information.” ” This was a great opportunity to focus on really understanding people. ”
” The interaction and practice was most helpful ”
” I like the way the variety of activities broke up the time.”
” I like the instructor’s enthusiasm and interest in the topic.”
” Marlene Schoenberg is knowledgeable and approachable.”


2. Cultural Sea Cruise– 1.5 hour workshop
This brief, high impact diversity program provides a cultural simulation that is relevant and meaningful for the workplace. The one-and-a-half hour interactive program gives participants personal insights into language and communication sensitivities and interactions with multicultural groups. It demonstrates the deep relationship between language and culture and how we perceive others. It deepens our personal understanding of why inclusiveness is so important in our work.



3. Preventing Accent Discrimination in the Workplace- 2 hour workshop

By understanding 10 basic rules for preventing accent discrimination in the workplace, supervisors and managers can avoid escalating misunderstandings into lawsuits. Accent issues in hiring, training, retaining, and termination are discussed. The consultant will review studies demonstrating factors which help employees and employers get to the heart of accent issues .




3. How Much English is Enough? A Panel Discussion on Levels of English for Specific Jobs – A Two- hour Workshop
This workshop for managers and HR professionals explores the case of a Latina with limited English who wanted to run for office in Arizona. What led up to this court case? What were the real deciding factors? What can we learn from this to prevent language discrimination in our workplaces?  When is it appropriate to make referrals for speech and language training to support staff? How can we be more aware of language sensitivities in the work place? Explore these and many other key diversity questions.

4.English Only or English Usually?

This two hour workshop for supervisors and managers discusses the benefits and pitfalls to English only rules in the workplace.  We will explore why this is so controversial and the practical implications to be aware of from both the empoloyees’ and supervisors’ perspectives. Test cases will be played out and win-win strategies for making all feel included and involved will be discussed.

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