"I learned to communicate with multiple bosses across 4 cultures."

1. Idioms in the Workplace: Ramping up the Newbies- 1.5 hour Workshop

This workshop highlights unusual American expressions that may confuse international employees. We will also discuss company jargon and alphabet soup. To prevent embarrassing situations, the consultant will point out the differences between British and American idioms. Which colorful regional idioms or slang expressions belong in the work place and which don’t?  How do generational differences show up in idioms at work?  Is it cool, nifty or awesome?  Bring your questions about odd expressions and come and debate your views.




2.Assertive Communication for Career Impact

Formats: 2 day private seminar or twelve 1.5 hour classes or individual coaching

Assertive communication behaviors are different in different cultures and ethnic groups. How do you translate your ambitions into positive work behaviors? How do others in your group perceive you? Where do you place yourself on the assertiveness continuum? Which situations demand more assertiveness and which do not? You will learn how your behavior impacts others. You will learn how to make and prioritize requests to increase your personal power.
Vocal features such as volume, and more powerful intonation will be practiced. Strong, dynamic non-verbal actions will be modeled. The instructor will address reading the subtle verbal and nonverbal cues of your listener. You will learn how to stand your ground positively in conflict situations. You can gain confidence in communicating with higher level executives and maintain your dignity.


    3. English to English Accent Interpretation: Legal, Medical
Some situations in legal and medical fields require instant interpretation of an accented speaker. This individual is speaking English but other professionals may find him or her challenging to understand. English to English interpretation, by an experienced professional familiar with a variety of accents, can clarify important case information with less frustration for all. This may be provided face to face, through Skype or by phone contact.

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