"This was the best program our department ever had!"

Keynote Speeches   (45 minutes to 1 hour)

Heartfelt keynote speeches will motivate and inspire your audiences! These programs will be customized for your group.

Marlene’s profound stories of life and work will make you
laugh, cry and cheer! She will inspire you to have the courage
to do those difficult things which can move you to the next level.

Accenting the Positive

Ms. Schoenberg explores the fascinating topic of accents in the work place and how they affect all of our jobs.

Accents in the Media

We will explore movies, and TV shows to demonstrate how actors and actresses work to change their accents for leading roles. How does Nicole Kidman do it?

One client said,” I didn’t know you could change your accent until I saw an actress speak so differently in a different role.”

The King’s Speech

This relevant and poignant talk explores the hidden role of the speech coach for important public figures and how speech experts make their clients shine. We will discuss how courage, perseverance and refusing to perpetuate old scripts, help speakers with a history of stuttering and other speech disabilities move forward and become congruent with their authentic selves. How do we make peace with our most enchanted listener… ourselves?

Everyday Miracles of Speech Therapy

This talk highlights heartfelt breakthroughs and making communication connections with children and adults with speech and language disabilities. Respect, creativity and finding unique ways to resonate self-esteem can bring a touch of humanity to our interactions. This program is perfect for state speech conventions and University events.


Accent Wisdom for Medical Transcriptionists
Learn a linguistic framework for medical transcriptionists to better understand ESL dictators in health documentation.  Practitioners and students and will gain a stronger foundation in deciphering different accents and grammar patterns of Spanish, Asian and East Indian physicians. You will learn cultural voice and auditory strategies to analyze and decipher difficult words and phrases.


What are the challenges of moving from directly translated ESL dictation to complications  added by speech recognition?

This is a fun, fact filled presentation full of personal stories and examples from real life speech recognition bloopers.  Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge  and reduce your “dictation frustration”.

Hidden Speech Disabilities in the Workplace

More people than you think suffer from speech disorders that no one else notices. They suffer in silence and isolation. Marlene shares the stories of some brave adults who were ready to tackle these life long self-limits and how they overcame their fears to take control of their careers.

Biaritz Legacy

This amazing travelogue brings together 3 generations through music and the French connection. Those people whom we admire stay with us and lead our unconscious paths in uncanny ways!

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