I like your accent. Is it working for you?

 Study English Pronunciation Online with Marlene from anywhere in the world!

Are you motivated to focus on speech improvement with an American accent instructor to prepare for your next promotion? Do you want to make an impact in global business English

phone calls and phone conferences? Are you ready to put in the time and effort to stretch beyond your current English pronunciation skills? When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

Beginning with an e-mail and  phone interview assessment, the Accent Expert will help you set goals and create a customized plan to build your  verbal business English and communicate clearly on the phone. Speech mentoring from an experienced instructor will be based on your needs and priorities.  This coaching provides personal support for your daily practice.

The  competency curriculum uses a combination of resources including  Pronunciation for Career Growth, Speech Insights for Success, CDs and online practice. Coaching takes place through phone conversations, Skype or Face Time with the ability to exchange audio and video examples for practice and feedback. The Accent Expert uses a phonetic approach based on mouth positions and sound transitions.

Contact  Marlene at marlene.expert@accentwisdom.com to set up an initial assessment and find out more about this program.

Develop the speech improvement strategies you need to polish your professional verbal image!



   International Students at Aviation Academies: Learn Precise English Pronunciation.

  Effective communication in English is critical  in aviation. To be a successful pilot, your English skills

   must match your technical expertise.


Accent Wisdom AVPRO speech coaching begins with an assessment of your communication skills which include : complex comprehension, articulation of vowels and consonants, stress, intonation and rhythm patterns as well as clarity of essential aviation phrases.    Focusing on customized goals, we will  provide  the training and tools to increase your accurate  American English pronunciation.  Understandability of long technical words, precise verbal grammar and use of appropriate idioms and phrasal verbs will be evaluated. Your personal cultural voice baseline will help you understand why so many first time communication encounters may be challenging.  Employees from Asia. Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East have benefited from  Marlene’s coaching.  This series of customized coaching sessions are accessible online from anywhere around the world. Those at Twin Cities’  Aviation Academies may benefit from face to face coaching .

Accent Wisdom AVPRO speech coaching will improve your ability to:

*Give clear instructions

*Comprehend complex English directions

*Create a smooth communication flow for aviation safety

Increase efficiency and effectiveness in reads back and  clearance confirmation

*Increase your professional credibility

After pronunciation coaching, clients have said,”This was just what I was looking for!  My colleagues told me that I sound great now!”

Learn to be heard, be clear and sound your professional best! Now is the time to practice the speaking skills to make your pilot career  soar!

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